Life in the Alps

Alpine Culture/Life in NW Italy:
(I should probably just label this section 'Cows and Wine')

Cows and Cheese
The D├ęsarpa, AKA Cows with Flower Towers
Raw Milk Vending Machine 
Battle of the Queens
Crazy Cow Party in my Backyard
Italian Men and Their Cheese
Quart Cheese Festival
Operation: Cheese Making
Operation: Cheese Making Part II... Mozzerella, Ricotta, & Seras
Operation: Cheese Making Part III
Operation Cheese Making Part Something: I AM A CHEESE MAKING APPRENTINCE!

Alpine Oddities/Fun Stuff 
 A Vending Machine Tour of Valle d'Aosta
Hands in the Dough: Introd Black Bread Festival
 The Story of Genepy the Alpine Bunny
Used cowbells, sexy underpants on the street, and love graffiti
Wine, Music, and Cheese IN A CAVE
Napolean Lives Here: the strangest museum in the world
Those hands!
Alpine folks try to be Appalachians, and it rocked my socks
Glaciers and Druids and Fiddles, oh my!
The Prosecco Ladies
Baking Pies and Bagels and How a Mountain Medicine Man Cured Me
Palindrome Party...AKA I don't understand how Italians are so thin

On Being a Foreigner in Italy
 Italian by Osmosis....on learning Italian by living it
The Abusurdity of Italy
My Second Winter: Musings about living here for more than a year

Food Musings
What makes bread good?
Bread, Soap making, and Pies, Oh My!
A Polenta Rainbow 
Spring in the Alps and a Tasty Springtime Snack 














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