Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Friday Night Out

A summary of tonight:

Traditional music session in a small village. In a room above the library. Beer in plastic cups and ten musicians playing music from ten different countries. I got my permisso di soggiorno today, which means I am OFFICIALLY a legal and able to work and such resident of Italy and Aosta. Playing for 4 hours with fantastic young musicians. Drive back to town. Eat fresh baked cream filled croissants at 1 am from the back door of a bakery in a sketchy alleyway behind the supermarket. Go to ArtCafe. Drink beer, traditional instruments decorate the walls. Ancient mandolins and girondas. Also a mountain dulcimer (yes, as in Appalachian mountain dulcimer). Obscure 70's and 80's music pulsing. Punks, goths, anarchists, a hippie chick, and a very drunk guy who looks just like 'Shrek' in a striped pullover. Someone has a hand drum that they are pounding away on to the music while dancing. A guy who looks like he escaped from a mental institution is drumming on Shrek's head as well. Hippie chick dances on the table, and all the guys are mesmerized. There is a sparkly red hat, and someone being carried upside down so that their feet are nearly at the ceiling. We dance around, drink our beers, and try to ignore Shrek, who keeps trying to grab at us. Herve drove me home and we arrived exactly on my birthday, at 2 am on March 27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

That sums it up.

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